Current Exhibitions

Kaya Cynara

Hans-Henning Korb

Kaya Cynara

Empty Gallery is proud to present Kaya Cynara, Hans-Henning Korb's first solo exhibition in Asia. Spread across three discrete exhibition spaces on Empty Gallery’s new 18th floor, Kaya Cynara takes the form of a modular installation comprising ritual performances, expanded sculpture, video installation and virtual reality. These complex environments are further activated by Korb’s rituals in which the spectator is guided through a ceremonial interaction with the various sculptures and objects. With each exhibition space representing a different stage of consciousness, the spectator experiences Kaya Cynara as a successively developing relationship between virtual and actual, nature and technology, inside and outside. Korb’s work reflects on the ontological convergence of these myriad spheres within our hyper-mediated present and the generative role of the human within this complex ecosystem. Designed from the outset as a mobile composition existing in different locations and time scales, Kaya Cynara includes ceramics by Jonas Wendelin Kesseler and music by Robert Lippok.

Cinéma Concret

Takashi Makino

Cinéma Concret

Takashi Makino will present an installation version of his 2015 film Cinéma Concret, with a new score by the Dutch experimental musician Machinefabriek. Constructed through a progressive accumulation of layers incorporating both analog celluloid and digital video, Cinéma Concret is a striking investigation into the limits of perception and the complex relationship between these two forms of media. Textured vistas of film grain, shifting walls of video noise, and scrims of submerged images advance in and out of consciousness, all set to the soundtrack of an accumulating percussive drone. Through this exhibition, Makino takes his place alongside other historic mediators between the twin spheres of contemporary art and experimental cinema such as Tony Conrad, Ken Jacobs, and Anthony McCall. In addition to the installation, a selection of large-scale platinum prints exploring the historical connection between the 19th century panorama and cinematic practice will be on view.


Empty Gallery is a 4,500-square-foot space located at the edge of Aberdeen Harbor in Tin Wan, Hong Kong. Founded by Stephen Cheng, the gallery showcases both established and emerging artists alongside a program of pioneering multimedia commissions, performances and music. With a special commitment to ephemeral, time-based and non-object-oriented practices, Empty Gallery is committed to fostering conversation across cultural, geographic, and medium-specific boundaries while serving as a regional hub for the flourishing East Asian art scene.

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